The history of the band Ingrained had its beginning in the fall of 2003. The three musicians Tommy Rehnsbo, Oskar Bennmarker and Simon Ritzén felt that they were ready to move into another musical direction than their previous band Chasinate. Earlier Chasinate had been an instrumental death/black-metal band playing music in the vein of At The Gates, Dark Funeral and Mörk Gryning. Chasinate was formed already in 2000 with the four members Axel Grinde, Christian Johansson, Simon Ritzén and Oskar Bennmarker. Although the average age of the members of the band was only 13 at this point the band participated in various talent shows and performed well and also won some.

In 2002 due to problems within the band Axel Grinde had to leave the band. The replacement for him would be Tommy Rehnsbo who would prove to become a reliable alternative for the band in the future. In the fall of 2003 all the members of the band felt that there was no future for Chasinate; all the members were fed up of the non-functioning personal chemistry within the band. This was the point when it was time for Christian Johansson to leave the band.

As only three members were remaining in the band, the remains of Chasinate felt that it was time for something new. Being influenced mainly by the American death metal-scene as well as the polish listening to such bands as Morbid Angel, Nile, Cannibal Corpse, Decapitated, Vader and Hate Eternal the band started composing songs which were developing towards a more aggressive direction. The band was leaving its roots and Ingrained was born. Being a new band with only three members the band needed both a bassist and a vocalist. Tomas Grönlund who had been playing guitar in earlier projects with Tommy joined Ingrained as a bassist. Not long thereafter Oscar Olofsson joined the band as a vocalist.

After having some gigs with Ingrained the band felt that it was time to record a demo. In November of 2004 the process of recording what would later become the demo “Ashes To Dust” was commenced. Due to the fact that the band started to record the demo all by themselves having no previous experience within recording the band would face some minor problems before the recordings came to develop orderly. Unfortunately the vocalist Oscar Olofsson would eventually disappear without a trace and the band would encounter a setback which would involve a severe delay of the accomplishment of the demo.

With everything recorded except the vocals the band started looking for a new vocalist in the fall of 2005. Expressing the qualitative aggression and atrocity the band was searching for Jonas Martinsson would join the band as a vocalist and the recordings of the vocals could be carried through. Being finished with the recordings in December of 2005 the recordings would be sent to Marcus Edvardsson of Souldrainer and Sanctification in order to be mixed and mastered. After having the layout and the design of the demo finished by Letheus of Lamia Antitheus the demo “Ashes To Dust” was ready to hit the stores on the 16th of June in 2006.

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