22 Jun 2007 By Jonas
10 copies of our album have been shipped to Dan Ferguson of Abyss Records (www.officialabyssrecords.com) for introduction in the United States.

22 Jun 2007 By Jonas
20 more copies of "Ashes To Dust" have been printed.
10 of them were sold the first week.

01 Aug 2006 By Jonas
The shelves at Skivhörnan have now been refilled with 10 copies of our demo, which can no longer be bought at the other stores.

22 Jul 2006 By Jonas
Our demo "Ashes To Dust" has now been released. You can find it in various music stores in Östersund. ...

22 Jul 2006 By Jonas
The homepage is now up and running. Some small adjustments and missing parts remain though. Thanks to DoGo (www.dogo.se) for the awesome work!

21 Jul 2006 By admin
Nu börjar den nya sidan på att ta form. Lite Browseroptimering kvar bara, plus Biografi och Diskografi!

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